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Research & Development

Our R&D team’s goal is to assist you in developing or reformulating an outstanding consumer product. We employ a group of talented scientists and formulators who have over 30 years of combined experience in designing consumer products. With extensive knowledge of both natural and conventional ingredients, our team has successfully created high quality products for countless brand-holders. We are confident that they can assist in developing your product too!

Our laboratory is a busy place developing over 500 new products annually. Advanced technologies and processing techniques are used to optimize each formula to ensure potency and consistency. Our team closely follows industry standards to ensure your products meet current regulations and health standards. The R&D team will work closely with you and your account manager to create, develop, and perfect your product.

Product Development

Product development starts with a sample produced in the laboratory and ends with a pilot run of a commercially viable product. During the pilot run process there may be further adjustments to the ingredient deck and processes as we carefully evaluate product consistency, packaging presentation, and production cost effectiveness.


Natures Formulae has extensive experience in dealing with product regulatory processes. We hold over 550 Natural Health Product (NPN) licenses and have assisted hundreds of customers in achieving licences for their products. Should your product require specific licensing, we can recommend companies that specialize in the licensing processes to secure the license you require.


We will work with you on the packaging and labeling of your product, as we work closely with Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products as well as many non-governmental certification entities. We can recommend where to find the information you will need to ensure you provide the proper disclosure on your products.

Pilot Runs

A “pilot run” is an initial production run that is conducted on every new product which allows the customer to see their finished product. Pilot runs scale up the laboratory formulation to quantities suitable for scaling production and confirm packaging compatibilities during the manufacturing process.


Prior to entering the R&D stage, your account manager will provide you with a detailed pricing quote and timeline on the R&D service required for your product. Pricing for production runs will also be provided once you have completed the R&D stage so that you can determine the number and price per unit that aligns with your projected sales.


Looking to modify an existing formulation or have an
existing product that you want manufactured?


Looking to modify an
existing formulation or
have an existing product
that you want manufactured?

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