1.1. This document (DP 5829) describes the plan that Natures Formulae is currently implementing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to maintain safe operation in the facility.


2.1. The procedures outlined in this document apply to all Natures Formulae employees and are to be followed at all times in the facility. Compliance: This documented procedure is designed to be compliant with a variety of regulatory standards and certifications held by Natures Formulae.


3.1. Identification of risk in the Natures Formulae facility has been conducted in collaboration with the employees, the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JH&SC), and the Management Team. 3.2. The following areas have been identified as high-traffic areas (areas where people gather)
and, as a result, may pose a higher risk for transmission of COVID-19: EO Area, Cosmetics Manufacturing Area, Medium Line, Large Line, U-Line, Dry Fill Area, Large Cooker Area, R&D Lab, Lunchroom, Meeting Rooms 1 and 2, Large Boardroom, and Changerooms/Bathrooms.

3.2.1 Occupancy limits have been set for the following high-traffic areas. If occupancy limits are not able to be achieved, employees are required to wear face masks.

R&D Lab: 8 occupants Lunchroom: 8 occupants Meeting Room 1: 2 occupants Meeting Room 2: 2 occupants Large Boardroom: 6 occupants Changerooms/Bathrooms: 6 occupants

3.3. The following equipment have been identified as high-traffic areas: manufacturing equipment, packaging equipment, lunchroom appliances, and the front office photocopier. 3.4. The following surfaces have been identified as high-touch areas: the hand-scanner, internal door, toilets, and paper towel dispensers.


4.1. Natures Formulae has implemented the following safety measures to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19:

4.1.1 Barriers have been installed in the front office, where needed.

4.1.2 Signs have been posted on public entrances explaining the criteria that must be met prior to entering the building.

4.1.3 A COVID-19 Policy has been created, which applies to all employees and visitors.

The COVID-19 Policy is reviewed on a monthly basis. In addition to the COVID-19 Policy, a COVID-19 Questionnaire has also been created and must be filled out prior to a new employee beginning work or a current employee returning to work.
9-1-1 will be called if an employee is severely ill.

4.1.4 Non-medical masks are required when employees are unable to maintain social distancing.

Non-medical masks are provided by Natures Formulae. Employees may bring their own non-medical masks, as long as they are in a sanitary state.

4.1.5 Employees are trained on proper mask use and hand-washing hygiene during the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training Program, which all employees are required to participate in upon hire.

4.1.6 Office equipment, manufacturing equipment, and packaging equipment are cleaned on a daily basis.


5.1. The COVID-19 Safety Plan and COVID-19 Policy have been communicated company-wide through multiple email memos and are readily available on the staff bulletin board.

5.2. Signage of occupancy limits, hand-washing, and methods of reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 have been posted in high-traffic areas.

5.3. Visitor signs have been posted on public doors.

5.4. Natures Formulae employees who have access to a computer will receive this plan directly through their work email for training purposes.

5.5. Natures Formulae employees who do not have access to a computer/work email will be trained by a Production Supervisor/Lead Hand.


6.1. COVID-19 Policy (DP 5829-A1)

6.2. COVID-19 Questionnaire (DP 5807-A5)

6.3. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training Program (DP 0315)


7.1. Non-Surgical Masks


8.1. The COVID-19 Safety Plan is reviewed on a monthly basis, or sooner if deemed necessary, by the JH&SC.

8.2. Completed COVID-19 Questionnaires are stored in each employee’s personal file for record-keeping purposes, if applicable.


9.1. All Natures Formulae Employees

9.2. JH&SC